Are the ashes directly deposited inside the urn?

No, all our urns have inside a water-soluble and biodegradable bag where ashes can be stored.

Are all the urns biodegradable?

Yes, they are all biodegradable. Most are also water soluble, as special custody urns are the only models that are not water soluble.

The water-soluble urns, how long do they take to dissolve?

In around 15 minutes the urn dissolves, although temperature, water mineral components and other factors could increase or decrease this time.Buried, all urns take around 10 days to dissolve in favorable conditions, yet this depends on the humidity of the soil.

Do you manufacture ecologic urns appropriate for columbarium or family custody?

Yes, while all our models are appropriate for such usages, urns with a Special Custody finishing are our ideal option for columbarium and family custody.

How are water-soluble urns closed?

They can be closed by simply lightly wetting the area where the cover touches the urn. After a few minutes, both parts will be welded, and the urn will be closed.

Is the paint also ecologic?

The urns are not painted. They have a covering especially made for them, which gives the urns the tonality and resistance needed. This cover is completely biodegradable and water soluble, completely respectful with the environment and of exclusive ownership of ALAIDA.

Can you manufacture exclusive models?

Yes, our Workshop Lab is purposely built for this.

Are your urns independently certified?

We have several independent certificates from trusted Spanish entities that validate the complete biodegradability and water-soluble properties of our materials and products.

Is there a maximum limit of units per order?

We don’t have maximum production limits. We normally sell in pallets of 72 urns. The minimum order is 1 pallet (72 units).

How do you recommend transporting the urns?

Full pallets (which can store 72 urns) are safer to transport as they require fewer manipulation and avoid that transport companies put things on top.

In which conditions should the urns be stored?

Standard professional storage conditions are fine. It is important that they don’t get in contact with liquids, especially the water-soluble models.

For how long can the urns be stored without degrading?

Until the decision is made to incorporate the urn into the environment, they can be stored for years without problems.

Where do you sell your urns?

Our urns are present in several countries across the world’s 5 continents.

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